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1612 Concept design under way

TLM has been appointed to do the concept design and initial phases of an outbuilding on this spectacular plot in Wimbledon. The owner would like a simple and elegant single-storey building that will accommodate a games room, kitchenette, shower room and entertainment space, and would enjoy something that is in comfortable contrast to the Victorian house that is on the site.

1606 Progress on site (wk3)

The contractor is making good progress on site with the side and rear extensions. The roof structure is up, but none of the framing has been done. The opening for the sliding doors has been formed and will be measured for production in the coming week.

1608 In for Planning

Our Twickenham project has gone in for Planning, for a ground and first-floor extensions and redevelopment of the loft. There is not much controversial here, but it is a building of townscape merit, and we have pushed what we can do to the edge of what is allowed.1608-101b-proposed

1601 Concept design underway

Screenshot 2016-02-04 22.23.09

The first round of concept layouts have gone out to the clients, and the feedback so far has been positive. They would like to reconfigure their internal space to create a TV room/lounge where currently they have a kitchen, by extending to the rear of this terraced property in Wimbledon.