We are currently offering a fixed-price design service at the reduced price of £350 plus VAT

Since we are all stuck at home now, this is a good time to assess what space you need and how it might be possible to achieve it. Don’t worry, we can help you (while keeping our distance.)

As the first step, use our normal contact form to get in touch and let us know that you are interested in the online initial meeting. We will get back to you shortly to let you know how to proceed, but below you can find the outline of the process.

Stage 1

To start off, we will ask you to send us any information you have on the house that you think might be useful. For instance, you might have the agents’ drawings from when you bought the house, or you might have survey drawings from previous work that was done or Planning applications that were made. Photographs of the space will also help, especially of the affected areas and the outside of the house, front and back.

Stage 2

Once we have this information, we will set up a call with you to discuss your needs and how we might be able to help you achieve them. During the call we might also identify additional information that you can provide, such as specific check dimensions and photographs. You can send us these after the call, and once we have them we can proceed to the next step. During the call we might also ask you to walk us through the house using video chat, so that we can get a feeling for how spaces currently connect.

Stage 3

Once we have had our virtual tour and initial discussions with you, we will spend some time putting together layout options for your house, after which we will contact you to show you what we have come up with. 

Stage 4

The follow-up call will again be done via video chat, where we can show you the options, talk you through the pros and cons of each, and together refine the layout until we have something that satisfies your needs. If we need any more information, we will ask for it at this meeting, and we will use this and the outcome of our meeting for the next stage.

Stage 5

The last stage of the online initial visit is for us to draw up the refined sketches, based on all the discussions we have had, and to send you those as a package. At this point we would be at the end of the ‘online initial visit’, and we will send you a fee proposal for the next steps involved in getting your project through Planning and Building Control and onto site.

Depending on what information you have and what you can provide us, we should be able to draw up the house in sufficient detail for a Planning application. It is likely that we will ask for more photographs of the outside of the house. Bear in mind that the information produced will be adequate for a Planning application and for other consultants to get started on their work, but that dimensions should be checked on site before anything is ordered or made to order.

Next Steps...

If you would like to set up an initial meeting on site or talk through your requirements, please fill out our contact form by clicking on the link. Remember, the more information you can give us the better we will be able to help you.

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